Contributes and donations

The growth and the development of some projects represents for me an occupation that involves a lot of job. To answer to the so many e-mails that daily arrive and to improve the features handed away some time. I have decided to maintain free however some codes and to give you the liberty to decide if and how much value has for you.

Please donate!

If you can deprive you of some euros, give it. This is absolutely voluntary and if you decide not to effect donations however, not for this you will have less support on my behalf. The FREE version clsPDFCreator is Donationware. This means that you can download and use it for free and you do not have to pay any royalty charges when distributing an application that uses clsPDFCreator. But if you use it commercially or like to keep it freely available you should donate to the project.  

The FULL version vbPDF will be get only after a contribute of 100 euros.

The source code of vbQRCode, vbDataMatrix, vbPDF417 or vbAztec will be get only after a contribute of 30 euros.

If You look for source code of my others projects, please contact me.

Donate/Contribute with PayPal/Credit card

If You want, both for the donations and for the contribute for source code, You can use Your credit card Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard o other, by to the service PayPal. A system rapid and sure.


PayPal is a society of eBay group that allows whoever possesses an e-mail address to send and to receive payments online.

If You want, You can use one of the buttons below:

Free donations
vbPDF library
vbQRCode library
vbDataMatrix library
vbPDF417 library
vbAztec library

Please, don’t forget to write your email address correctly.

Donate/Contribute with BitCoin

If you want use BitCoin, please contact me to get the address of my wallet.

Donate/Contribute without PayPal/Credit card/BitCoin

If you can not use any of the previous methods, there are some alternatives.

Donate/Contribute by bank transfer

Inside Europe the banking transfers among Countries UEs cost how much the national banking transfers. I don’t publish the information on my account, but I can will send you by email if you want to use this way.

If you want a fast answer, you can send me the copy of the receipt with the fax or e-mail. In every case, not to forget to add your email address so that I be able to contact you.

Donate/Contribute by mail

You can also send me a letter to my home address. I can send You my address by e-mail, if You want. Please keep in mind that banks here in Italy charge about €8 and more to cash in a foreign check, so send cash (best wrapped into a sheet of paper or aluminum foil) for small amounts. And please, don’t forget to write your email address legibly so I can mail you back a Thank you 😉

If you prefer to effect your donation/payment through another way. please contact me in private.

Additional informations

IMPORTANT: If you get the source code of my library and then a new upgrade version is released within 12 months of your contribution, you will be entitled to a FREE upgrade to the newly released version. Send me a mail to get information on how to obtain your FREE upgrade software. That way you can contribute with confidence knowing that when you do, you’ll get the latest and greatest software for your contibute.

NOTE: Once your contribute has been finalized, an e-mail will be sent to you with the link where download the source code.

NOTE: For users in the European Union, please note: Luigi Micco is not VAT-registered.