vbDataMatrix: DataMatrix for Visual Basic

vbDataMatrix is a library for Basic language (Visual Basic 6.0/.NET/20xx) that can be used to create and encode DataMatrix barcodes, without using third parts software, external DLL or ActiveX (OCX).


  • Encoding: ASCII (ascii, ext and num), C40, TEXT, X12, EDIFACT, BASE256.
  • Matrix size: from 10×10 to 144×144, square and rectangular, autosize or fixed
  • Errors recovery system: ECC200 (Reed-Solomon 30%).
  • Export to BMP, EPS, SVG, HTML format
  • Direct print


How to get the source code

The source code of vbDataMatrix class will be get only after a contribute of 30 euros.

If You want, You can use the “Donate” button below:

You can found other way to contribue in the donation page or You can contact me.


Some screenshots:

Sample source code

With a PictureBox

'' Visual Basic 6.0
Set vbDMObj = New vbDataMatrix
vbDMObj.Encode("text to encode")
Matrix() = vbDMObj.Matrix()
iScale = 5
For y = 0 To vbDMObj.Rows - 1
  For x = 0 To vbDMObj.Cols - 1
    If Matrix(x,y) = 1 Then
      picCode.Line (x * iScale, y * iScale) - Step(iScale, iScale), vbBlack, BF
    End If