vbPDF: PDF for Visual Basic

vbPDF is the only class for Basic language (Visual Basic 6.0/.NET/20xx, ASP, PowerBasic) that allows you to create documents PDF from any application without using any OCXs or DLL or other external library: only pure standard language.

I have set out to create the most robust PDF generation tool for developers. My core PDF Library is a full function class library developed with 100% Visual Basic code. You can use my core library to enhance your applications and deliver advanced PDF generation functionality. You can use it to build reports, generate response letters, build mail merge applications, fill server side forms and much more. My library allow you to create robust PDF documents from text, extract pages from PDF documents, Split and Merge previously created PDF documents and generate PDF documents from various image formats.

Using our core library, you will be able to develop code that delivers standards based PDF documents that are not only 100% compliant with the PDF Standard but also compliant with the new PDF/A standard. The PDF/A standard is a new standard that outlines the rules for archiving documents so that they can viewed and accessed just the way they were created many years from now.

What is vbPDF

  • is a class for BASIC language (like Visual Basic 6.0/.Net/20xx, ASP, PowerBASIC, etc..) that allows to produce PDF documents PDF without using third parts software, external DLL or ActiveX (OCX).
  • written in pure standard code and doesn’t required the installation of any component.
  • is easy to use: just add the class code to your project and use it.
  • allows to create PDF documents that contains TrueType font, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP , WMF, AI and EPS images, tables, paragraphs, link, indexes, filling, vectorial graphics, dinamic form and slideshow.
  • is available both for Visual Basic 6.0, for Visual Basic .Net/20xx, for ASP and for PowerBASIC.
  • can create 100% compatible PDF and PDF/A-1b (tested with Acrobat Reader and other PDF readers) in a simple way of use.
  • is available in FREE (clsPDFCreator) version, completely free (with a limited number of functions) and in FULL (vbPDF) version (the complete version).
  • FULL version includes some compression algorithms (like LZW and Deflate) allowing to produce documents PDF of reduced size, and protection algorithms with key of 40 or 128 bit.
  • Over 10,000 lines of code (221 publics or private routines)

From this site you can download the FREE version and discover the FULL version features.

Main features

  • Easy syntax: extended set of methods and properties for easy PDF file generation
  • Page size: A0 – A7, Letter, Tabloid, Legal, Executive, …, Custom
  • Scale and unit measure: Points, inchs, centimeters amd millimeters, Custom
  • Document’s property: Title, Author, Date, Subject, …
  • PDF/A-1b (beta): support for PDF/A-1b (ISO 19005-1:2005) format
  • Simple text on a single row: Free position, Horizontal alignment: left, right, center
  • Watermarks, header and footer: easy creating for each page
  • Graphic basic elements: Shapes: lines, curve, rectangles, circles, …,Whidth of lines, Dash
  • Single page orientation: Portrait, Landscape
  • Paragraphs (multiline textbox): Free position, Horizontal alignment: left, right, center, Vertical alignment: top, bottom, middle, Indent and justification, Borders and background, Text with different styles
  • Simple text on a single row: Superscript, subscript and capital letters
  • Special colors settings: RGB components, CMYK components, HTML like, shading of gray
  • Images: Raster format: GIF, JPEG, TGA, PNG, compressed BMP (8-RLE and 4-RLE)from file or disk, Transparency, Vector-based: WMF, EPS and AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Memory usage/Performances settings
  • Reading and merging existing PDF documents
  • Iperlinks: internal or external, http://, mailto:, pages, references, notes
  • Attachments: Attachment of every file into PDF
  • Indipendent graphic spaces: Rotation, traslation and scaling of axis, Axis skewing
  • XML section of property:
  • Standard font (Type1) and TrueType (TTF or OTF) : Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, Simbol, ZapfDingbats, Style( Normal, Bold, Italic, Undeline, Stroked, Overline), Embedded or not
  • Charset: for standard and TrueType fonts, support for charset Greek, Turkish, Baltic, Cyrillic and EastEurope
  • Tables: Borders and background, Nested tables
  • Layers: User’s layers, Conditional levels, Standard layers SCREEN and PRINTER
  • Single page control: Rotation (90°, 180°, 270°), margins
  • Paper layout: Portrait, Landscape
  • Page labels: Letters and numbers, Sections: prefix and postfix
  • Modify of PDF: Import of pages from other PDF
  • Dinamic form: Fields: TextBox, ListBox, ComboBox, CheckBox, RadioButton and Button, Formatting, formulas and events on fields, creating interactive PDF documents using JavaScript and Hyperlinks
  • Index and bookmarks: creating and manipulating tree-like outlines
  • Scripts and events : JavaScript, Support for events (on document, on pages, on save, on print)
  • Editable notes: Textbox, Popup, Placeholder icons
  • Bar code: EAN13, EAN8, Code39, Code128, Interleave25, PostNET
  • Slideshow and transitions: Transiction effects for pages, Full screen and automatic page show
  • Algorithms for data compression and filter: Compression: Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW), Deflate (Zip), Run Length Decode (RLE), ASCII filter: ASCII85 and ASCIIHEX (for use in internet e-mail / web pages)
  • Filling effects: Linear and radial shadings, Pattern and stencil
  • Transparency
  • Encryption and password protection: User and administrator password, User rights, Password algorithm with 40 or 128 bit key RC4
  • FREE updates: Only for minor versions (e.g. from 2017.x to 2017.y) for 1 year
  • … and much much more


From here, You can download a complete PDF file with all features:


PDF full 998.23 KB 455 downloads


and a demo version here


vbPDF_Demo 844.08 KB 531 downloads

VB 6.0 ...

How to get the source code

The source code of vbPDF class will be get only after a contribute of 100 euros. If You want, You can use the “Donate” button below:

You can use different way to contribue in the donation page or You can contact me.


Some screenshots: