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PDF” is an acronym and stands for “Portable Document Format”. It is a way to store information in a file so that programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader can view, edit, or print it. Adobe Systems, Inc. originally came up with this file format and it has fast become the standard file format in the computer industry because of it's ability to retain formatting, fonts, and layout regardless of what platform it is being viewed on

YES! Using my source code, you can quickly and easily create PDF document or create an VB application that dynamically generates PDF output on the fly. The PDF documents that the class creates can be viewed on any platform using standard PDF viewing software like Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which is FREE.

The last release freely download is the 1.2.4. The current FULL release is the 2013.1

NO. The code is completely royalty free after your initial contribute. There are no further royalties, fees, or payments to be made. Remember that you do not own the software after your contribute the licensing fee for it, but you are licensed to use it as much as you like in whatever manner you like. The ONLY condition is that you can NOT use it to create any programming component, library, or application that will, or can be construed as competing with the vbPDF class. In other words, you can’t use my class to compete with me (pretty standard condition ).

The FREE version IS NOT A FREEWARE class, but being also only code is some difficulty to check its use. What I ask you is to communicate me the use that you want to do of it.

The code of the FULL version, is provided only in exchange for contribute. If you are interested, contact me.

The class has been written for Visual Basic 6.0/.NET/2005/2008/2010. As it regards VB 5, there could be incompatibility for some functions what you should be replaced with proper functions. If You want, You can found some functions in the section link on this web site

The FREE version create PDF 100% compatible with the specifications 1.3, that can be read with Acrobat Reader 4.0 or superior. The FULL version, allow instead, according to the used functions it produces documents compatible with the version 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 or superior of the Reader.

The class has been written in pure BASIC language, then it doesn't need any OCX or DLL.

NO. The vbPDF class is a small, light-weight (only 500 Kb), fast, and easy-to-use programming tool that only has one dependency - the Visual Basic run-time (which is now distributed standard with the Microsoft Windows operating systems).

Very probably You are using a version of the class previous to the 1.2.3, that it eliminates this bug.

Yes. Since release 2.3 is also possible to import PDF document created by another applications (PDF 1.5 standard).

The FREE version have only some functions. The FULL version is a complete version with more and more functions. (See this page, for more info).

With FREE version the functions of alignment of the text are applicable only to TrueType fonts and therefore doesn't give some result if you apply to Type1 fonts (standard).

The representation of the images in the PDF files, require too much bytes. Is for this that in the FULL, has inserted some compression algorithms of the data, that allow to reduce the size of the created file.

Sorry! At this moment You can use vbPDF class on with Visual Basic, PowerBasic or ASP.

With FREE version, You can use only BMP images. With FULL version You can use GIF, JPG, WMF, EPS AI type also.

Yes, from version 2013.1 the library support different charset like Greek, Turkish, Baltic, Cyrillic and EastEurope, both for standard fonts and TrueType fonts.

With release 2.0 or major, is possible.

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