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If you found my work useful to you, or my work has somehow been useful to your commercial business, perhaps you would consider contributing! Like my projects ? Buy me a beer !!


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Useful links

PDF standard and scripts

Adobe Acrobat\\
Web site where download the Adobe specifications of PDF standard\\

Adobe Acrobat Javascript\\
Web site where download the Adobe JavaScript specifications for use with PDF documents\\

Forum (french language) on PDF standard\\

Programming and language

Visual Basic Tips & Tricks\\
Since 1996 the community on VB and VB.NET\\

A powerful Basic compiler, that doesn\'t need any library at runtime\\

VB Zone\\
The VB Zone is an online Visual Basic programming resource for both beginners and experts. This site provides sample code, sample projects, HOWTO lessons, programming related downloads, programming related links, tips, tricks, VB programming discussion forums and chats, and much more.\\

Mauro Rossi Visual Basic Homepage\\
Questo sito è dedicato principalmente agli appassionati e agli sviluppatori in Visual Basic, o comunque a tutti coloro che sono appassionati di programmazione. Dedicato alla programmazione in Visual Basic, questo spazio include programmi FREE di varia utilità e rivolti a tutti gli utenti di computer.\\

This fun and interesting website, maintained by Donald Lessau, is sort of an ongoing contest, where participants try to outperform each other with who can write the fastest algorithm.\\

AndreaVB Programming\\

Web and other

A OpenSource wiki engine that makes no use of DBMS, but only text files.\\

HelpMaker is an application to create help files without an expensive word-processor, without having the manage multiple files. HelpMaker makes WinHelp, RTF, HTML-Help, Websites, PDF files.\\

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